7 Supplements That Can Boost Your Immune System to Fight Off Most Viruses.

I believe that the human body has the ability to heal itself from anything that it encounters. I believe this because my family was fortunate enough to find a doctor that naturally healed my son from a severe breathing issue he was having. He was misdiagnosed from doctors as having sports-induced asthma. But our new found doctor discovered that my son had a parasitic condition that was taxing his heart… Without going into too many details about that in this article, let me just say that we are so blessed that our doctor was able to completely cure my son of his condition. Since then, this doctor has healed other serious issues that several of my family members and friends had, including myself. So I’m a complete believer in anything my doctor has to say…

Can Your Body Fight off the Coronavirus?

Well that was my question to my doctor. I emailed my doctor and asked if there was anything that my family and I could do in order to boost up our immune system so we wouldn’t get the COVID-19 virus… I was thrilled that my doctor got back to me so quickly and said he would make a video answering all my questions regarding the virus. At the end of the day my doctor sent out the video to all his previous patients, discussing the COVID-19 virus. He gave out a natural supplement protocol that he says he has entire family on.

First I need to legally say that I am not guaranteeing this protocol will fight off the COVID-19 virus for everybody that does. However, I do believe in my doctor. And he believes anybody taking this protocol has a great chance of not getting the COVID-19 virus. And he said if you do get the virus and you are taking his recommended supplements, there’s a great chance that your symptoms will not be that bad and you should be able to quickly eliminate the virus… My doctor also said he think’s his natural protocol works better than the touted Hydroxychloroquine/Z pack solution that has shown very promising results for many people.

At the end of March, I got my entire family on this natural protocol and we all truly feel that we have already greatly improved our immune systems! And we feel confident that we will not get infected with the virus… Again this is our feelings based on the amazing results our doctor has done for several of our family members and also based on the way we are all currently feeling.

I truly believe that most individuals can fight off most ailments or “stressors” including viruses and diseases as long as our bodies are equipped to fight off whatever is trying to stress our body. And building a strong immune system is a great place to start…

My doctor recommended 7 supplements to take. He believes taking all 7 of these supplements is his best natural immune boosting protocol that anybody can do on their own! However, he did say if you can’t take all 7, try to take as many of the immune boosting supplements as you can. He also said you can take all the supplements at once each day, or you can split them up if you want. As long as you get his recommended dosages of each supplement, you’ll be good.

For those of you interested in the natural protocol, please continue with the article…

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